Streets detail demo video

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Description: The idea behind this is to add little extra touches to your street scene with things you would find in the real world for that little extra touch of detail. This pack has 17 assets, one is not a visible prop but still serves a purpose. What you get: 1 invisible platform (bright red but invisible to the camera, this prop allows your puppets to stand and walk at different levels). 1 Scaffolding, props is scalable and can be walked on at the top. 1 Mail box 1 Cash machine (wall mountable, its base is invisible to the camera. Well even moviestormers need cash don`t they) 1 smokers bin 1 wall mounted smokers station (attaches to walls and scalable) 1 man hole cover (scalable) 1 road side grid (incase it rains, scalable) Parking meter (don`t forget to pay for your parking) 1 small clock tower (keep your town in track of time, scalable) 1 square sign (accepts user images on both sides) 1 poster sign (accepts user images on both sides) 1 circle sign (accepts user images on both sides) 1 brick (stackable, try building yourself a house) 1 Self serve news paper stand (keep up to date with the daily news) Pack also contains bonus assets not seen in the video: 1 Bycicle (mobile) 1 Market stall Download: