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About me: I'm the Maverick (known on TMO as Nexusinteract (short for Nexus Interactive Studios). I'm a director that enjoys to write and design new IPs (intellectual properties) for me and others to use. Voice acting talents: These are the languages that I can speak very well (from left to right are the languages that I can speak best, know words for, and my facilitation in learning (which I still am) the languages): English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew. I have a generally deep-voice. I'm adept to doing roles involving politicians (i.e. presidents, and other joint chiefs like NSA advisors and Secretaries of Defense). Also I'm good at doing comedy, action and small roles for almost any kind of sub-genre of film on TMO. Voice acting credits: .Kenny (the guy with the grey-dreadlocks) in Yamimarik's 'Redemption': ( (note: I used audacity to edit the tone of my voice). I'll be doing more roles in the future- I'm currently looking for work. Please PM here or Skype if you'd like to have me in your TMO movie.