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About me: I am Director Ice, an oldie from TMO. I've been a freelance machinimist since 2007. That was when The Movies Online (TMO) site was still running and I was uploading almost everything I made. I wasn't the best script writer there was but I definetely wasn't the worst. I never won any awards but 5 stars was my average, and I managed to reach the top 10 with a few of my movies. I even reached Top 1 of the action charts with the Blood and Thunder trailer. And did I mention I had a gothic groupie stalking me during that time? Ahh, the golden days... Alas, my days of TMO glory ended around 2008-09 with the the TMO site being taken down. My confidence was further diminished by cyberbullies and stalkers roaming The Lionhead forums. It's not worth mentioning what happened, but I stopped posting movies online around that time. I still made movies offline, however. When I heard of, I wanted to make a comeback, but with a different name so I can have a fresh start. If any of this sounds familar, or you reconize a part of my name from TMO, then you probably know me as...well, I perfer not to say. Anyways, I'm on here weekly usually just to check up on things. I simply don't have the time that I had in my youth to be posting movies constantly like I used to, but you can expect a new movie at least every few months. I perfer 'silent' subtitle movies, since that's part of the my old TMO tradition! There may come a time where I add voice acting to movies but as it is now, it just seems like a hassle to me. Most of my movies will be 18+ but you will find a few of them are available for all to see. Above all, I just hope you enjoy them. COPYWRITE: All my movies will be linked from Vimeo, and have Attribution Non-commerical Creative Commons licensing. This means you can copy, share, and make parodies of my videos but only with my given permission. Please don't copy or make parodies of my work without giving me credit!

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