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Country: Germany
City: Cologne
Joined: 12 years ago
Gender: Male
Relationship status: Married
Posted: 8 videos
Age: 40
Sexual orientation: no info
Favourites: 50 videos
About me: Hi, I`m Artificial Artist, creator of "The Haloist I&II", "Eye of the Beholder" and other machinimas, i`m also a 3D animator and content creator, musician, and so on.. I`ve been on a long hiatus from creating or directing any machinima since 2007. Though i did experiment and pioneer in the SL machinima movement, i hadnt released any material in the time. I am currently working on some great-looking new releases, so expect some new releases in the near future. (woohoo) I used to make brickfilms when i was a kid but eventually developed an obsession about digital media and CGI, as well as music. I usually release any of my music under the name DOUBLESPIN, though i keep most of it unreleased. Not cause its bad, no, i just dont feel like i want to share it with the world. It`s very personal.. The songs i do release, though can be found on the youtube channel " DOUBLESPINmusic " My animation & machinima releases can be found here bla bla, life story ;) Well, that should be about all for now, i think.. Thanks for checking out my profile! :) ArtificialArtist

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