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About me: My old account was eco519, the maker who brought you Bio-Terror. Anyways, I'm Christopher, I'm 19 and my birthday is April 20th. Everything is good now but it wasn't like this when I was younger. I have a part-time job, been they for a year and a half now, No car yet but that will solve some of my problem. I like my job and I love my friends and family and they enjoy having me around and they help me a lot, emotionally. If you talk to me I'm mostly in a good mood and happy but I wasn't always like this. I get along with people very well and I'm very nice plus I care about people all the time, I love to help people and I can be fun and loving but I also can have a serious attitude when it comes down to serious business. I have people tell me I'm smart but however I hardly apply myself, I'm very dedicated to everything that I do and I'm very detailed. But enough of this, if you want to know anything else about me just message me, I look forward to meeting you. ^-^

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