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About me: I am an artist and writer and I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband, Mark and 18 year old twins, Danielle and Dashon. I have always loved making artwork and writing stories and poems and when the ability to make machinima movies came along, it was a perfect venue for myself. I have a lot of experience with different graphics programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and Fractil Design Painter. My artwork has been shown and sold all over the United States. If you want hi res backdrops for your movies as well as other art, pm or email me at and I will give you the link. You may also view my IMDB page at Two of my movies, Many Kinds of Hunger and Yesterday have played appeared on Time Warner Cable TV, KC on Demand Channel 113. Wonder Boy, written and and starring Robin Morningstar, who is now the new Highlander in the remake of Highlander, The Reckoning is due to be released soon. I also make customer service training videos. Two movies in progress are The Man from Schenectady and Vautrin. These are full length commercial feature films.

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