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About me: My life for dummies: My real name is Andreas Faaborg Nielsen . Im 19 years old, tall, slim, blond with blue eyes and hair that would make Buddy Holly go green with envy since I tend to favor an old fashioned hair style. Why? For funzies of course. I live in Denmark with my family. I was raised christian (protestant) and I do believe in God. Interests/Talents: Most of my time I spend either drawing stuff or making voices. Sometimes for machinima movies but mostly just to pass time. It's a hobby and Im good at it. I also sing a lot and even make a pretty penny on it by working for the local churches. Ever since I was a kid I've been very imaginative. I've been drawing since I was six and Im now working on several things. Lately I've been working on a fan-comic set in the DC universe. I spend a lot of time writing and drawing stories for comic books. Movies: Around TMO/TMU Im best known for my incredibly successful horror/comedy movie " The Creepy Clown Visits - A Poem " and my comedy movie " I Think We Should See Other Rabbits " which was also very popular. All my movies so far has been written, directed and voiced entirely by myself. Many people also know me through Endo's/Endology's/Endo2008's Batman fan movie " A Place Called Arkham " in which I voiced both Batman and the Joker. It's a great movie and I recomment you to watch it. Im going to reprise the role of Batman for Endo's next Batman movie. I haven't released any movies since april 2008, but I hope to return soon with new movies. FAQ Will you be interested in voicing my movie? Sure just notify me about the project and I'll check it out. Will you make "The Creepy Clown 2" I don't think so. I might make a "spiritual sequel". Will you make "I Think We Should See Other Rabbits 3"? Yes. It's coming in 2009. Can I upload your movies to the internet? Nooooooooo!

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