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Country: United States
City: M-Ville (Millersville)
Joined: 13 years ago
Gender: Male
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Posted: Nothing
Age: 30
Sexual orientation: no info
Favourites: 108 videos
About me: I'm not some nerd that spends all day on this site or TMO being an esteemed member of the community.  However, I do like to have fun with the movies game and will help with VO's if I have the time to do so. Enjoy my funny movies and honest criticism. I think the coolest guy on this site is Josephkw because he made a movie that didn't use the movies game and it was a GREAT FILM.  I have appreciation for that because my uncle is an independent film director and has also acted in some blockbuster films like Memento and Batman Begins (his name is Larry Holden).  Check out those movies they are great.  I realize that no movie I make will be better than a real movie, and that goes for everyone on this site, but I do want to have fun with the game nonetheless and perhaps in the future I will make some real movies or become a great actor.