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About me: Hey de hey peeps. Noah Law here. I suppose you expect someone of my age to be totally 'orrible and anarchistic? Well think again! If you want an anarchist you can bugger off! Ah! It's irony! Anyway what d'ya want, my life story? Alright then. Err let's see now, got born in 'stinky Stockport' believe it or not, nearly burnt our house down and electrocuted myself, got my nightmare of a brother, came to Losty at three, went to Lerryn school for a religious left wing indoctrination, got a new house, got a guinea pig, skipped year six, went to Fowey and got asked a lot why I skipped year six, can't remember then, went the the H.o.P for a spot of work experience and forgot to tell ol' Gord what everyone aked me to tell him, got to Year 11 and the most irritating prefect duty known to mankind, bought this sweet laptop, finally got myself the internet and made this bebo ujimaflop (about time eh?), then I typed this, then this, then this and the rest is history... I mean, er the future.

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