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About me: I'm a writer, a hopeful novelist, and a rookie machinima director who recognizes a strong link between storytelling on the page and storytelling on the screen. For the past year, I've been exploring the potential of machinima as a marketing tool for books. Response from the writing community has been better than I expected. I just finished my first commercial book trailer (using iClone) and have three more in queue, all for novels by published authors. Certain literary genres lend themselves quite well to the look and feel of machinima. Others don't. But I'm willing to try my hand at any style of animated trailer, and I'm very pleased about the diversity of my upcoming projects. My machinima roots lie in the Sims 2 community. I produced four Sims 2 machinimas before switching platforms. I will always feel a connection to that community and remain an active member of Directors United, where Odara (PlaythenWork) and I share the task of critiquing and reviewing any videos submitted to us through "Critic Corner."

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