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About me: I discovered computers and the internet before they were actually like "popular" I realized that my enjoyment of art could be pixelized and over time turned from paper/glue/paints to using a pc for just about anything. Now I work away at things I like and make little movies. At each turn what I do becomes more complicated and involved. I enjoy finding stuff out by myself and so get upset if someone tries to show me "their way". I was like that in school as well everyone though I would fail as I never showed up for classes only tests. They used to complain "you never ask questions" but yet I would to their amazement breeze in (usually late) sit down and write my exams or tests and pull off an A. I remember giving a teacher hell when I pulled off top marks in his mickey mouse class and told him I didnt even crack a book. I hated high school as a result of my "different ways". I thrived in post secondary school because everyone left me alone. That is my personality really. It expands into the artistic realm as well but also comes with another side note. Its also something I live by when I deal with others as well because art is more about self then it is about others. Its how we see things not how others see thing. So my moto is "if you like it then its great hopefully others will enjoy it as well which is a bonus but not necessary" So this is me "I hate what I hate and I like what I like and no one is going to change my mind on that" Wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all did the same things and thought the same way. :)

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