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About me: I am just an old retired want –a- be collector of old family videos and Pictures that is hell bent on preserving them for the children and the children’s children. If I succeed the little one yet to be born will be able to not only hear stories about his kin but be able to see and hear some of their stories. This all started when I finely figured out that our beloved VHS video tapes of our children’s youth, only had a 5 to 7 year shelf life. Not to mention all the “Super 8 “ films that my parents had so patiently spliced onto those monster 14 inch reels were almost completely washed out. After getting over being angry at technology and myself for being ignorant to the limitations and letting them go so long I started to search and learn. I thought that the, then new technology, of being able to create DVDs at home would be the answer. That forced me into the Desktop PC world even deeper than my job was doing at the time.

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