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About me: Been playing the movies(more on than off) since it first came out. I must have been one of the first pre-orderers, I had been waiting years for them to finally put it out(anyone remember when it was rumored to be cancelled?!?!). I had released a few shorts to TMO before its sudden and untimely murder, but nothing great(my batman movie got removed and reinstated when I cut the copyright material, and my horror movie's title got censored because the British moderators took offense to the titular characters name, Bender) but since then have been more of a loner film maker, making things only I would enjoy. Still been installing mods and following a lot of you guys, especially those from back when. Hoping to become a more active member in this community(it's better than TMO, I can tell already) and hopefully contribute some entertainment for my peers. Call me Eighty, BTW.(EightyFilms from TMO days)