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About me: Well what is there to say about me? I'm a pretty laid back guy, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, but the best part of the day is when I get inspiration for a new movie or script. Sadly though it always seems like some other fancy hollywood director gets to the idea before me. INstances would be that I started early drafts and sketchs for an unoffical comic of a hero who was down on his luck, a bum, he was invincible and could fly but prefered to be like everyone else, in some instances though he would use his powers to seek his own personal gains but it wasn't untill he meets a girl that he finds his true meaning. Now if this sounds familiar it's similar to the movie Hancock, but I wasn't let down by that movie so it's cool. So I try to keep my movies on the net now so that can't be copied. I have aspiations of having my own studio and producing several movies and shows. War on planet eve is the first of the bunch but about five others have been finshed and two more shows are in the works. anyways enough about me. What are you up 2?

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