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About me: Bought The movies along with Stunts and Effects about a month after S&E came out. After a few test runs in SP, ran a game to 2010 with the studio being named Beastly Exploitation Cinema. Created an exploitive series based on the character of Jake Rage. The First film, Rage Gets the Girl was actually written by the game itself. I did a little bit creative editing, mainly making the two men who fight over the girl as old looking as possible and replacing the actress the game selected with my newest ingenue to play the girl. When after a computer crash, and then reloading TM:S&E I restarted Beastly Exploitation Cinema. And did a few Jake rage movies, now lost and some sci-fi films where the costumes were changed, but the story stayed the same. The first 9 videos I have posted are from these two times and had uploaded them to TMO, and therefore was able to download them. I have been working on another non-TM:S&E movie, but realized I needed actors, so TM:S&E has been reloaded and Beastly Exploitation Cinema has been restarted.

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