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About me: 16 year old guy, heavily into music and drama. I bought 'The Movies' pretty much on release, and have been in and out of the TMO/U community so many times now, for so long and under so many different aliases that you probably do not know me xD (Some of my other usernams included I left about a year ago, but discovered MovieStorm at the end of 09 and decided to return under my youtube entertainment channel name: 'NRGfilms'. I shall hopefully be producing and uploading a few new pieces created by MovieStorm. I'm not sure if I will definately get around to it, but I hope so :D If I do release anything, it probably won't be for a while yet. Thanks :D (Some of my other usernams included 'NIKRthelegend', '870' 'Nick Russ' and others).

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