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About me: It all started on the official boards in 2004 with this post: My real name is Bart IJsselstein, (Dutch, gotta love it) a fanatic modder and aiming to become a game designer in the future. The Movies seems to be the perfect game to take mods to a relatively high level, and that's exactly what I want to achieve. I have done a whole lot of personal skinning projects, most weren't even released in public, and I've created a lot of sound mods for WW2 games such as Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault, and Call of Duty. I was with the full modification mod Band of Brothers (I'm down with the honorary members, back then my name was Kaelius) taking care of leading the sound section, creating weapons sounds, ambients, and even some skinning here and there. That's my latest large scale project, and I know it takes hard work and dedication to realise such a thing, but I'm up for it. Also, I've done some scripting/coding for Operation Flashpoint in the past, which resulted in the Custom Mission: Arms Bazaar. It was a very successful mission and was downloaded a lot on some of the major OFP sites. Recently I'm leaning more to the artistic side of creativity, but that doesn't stop me from skinning like a mad man for The Movies. What an awesome time that was, and it started to get modding where it was now. I've been on and off in this community and now that I'm back, it's time to do what this game was intended for: making movies. Now, off to my lab, it's time for some movie magic! Best regards, Doc Z

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