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About me: What's to know? I'm a typical, middle aged half white/ half Native guy from Wisconsin. I grew up in SE Wisconsin where I wrote adventures for and played D&D, watched Star Trek and M*A*S*H and took 1st at State Forensics competitions all 4 years of High School for Interpretive Theatre and Play Acting I joined the Army right out of High School and was stationed in Germany for 8 yrs, 8 months and 13 days. While there I traveled to nearly every part of the ancient Roman Empire, form Hadrian's Wall to Cairo and Iberia(Spain) to Jerusalem and doing things best left unmentioned. When I wasn't traveling, drinking, wenching or on maneuvers, I was into Role Playing Games such as AD&D, Shadowrun, Twilight 2000, Star Trek and BattleTech. After a few years I married a German gal, had a kid and was ready to settle down. Then Desert Shield and Desert Storm called me away and engaged in 78 of the 96 hours of combat. An Iraqi 12.7mm round glanced off my body armor as I dove for cover, severely bruising my shoulder, heart, lungs and all the other tissue in that area. 1992 saw me back in the States because I could not pass the language portion of Germany's immigration process. I enrolled in M.S.O.E. under the Electronic Engineering program while my wife and daughter stayed in Germany. 1994 I was divorced and in the Army Reserves where I met my current wife. A divorcee with 2 small children. we started dating and then her oldest, a girl just 3 months older than mine started calling me 'daddy' and my fate was sealed. I've never been happier. 1995, A PC was installed into a side room that became my office and I began my online adventure starting with MechWarrior2. I also began my Foundry adventure, learning nearly every aspect of production. Over the years I have added other MW and ST games to my game library and eventually went on to an apprenticeship millwright program. I began recording in-game video in 1999 for use as 'training films' for my MechWarrior Clan, Clan Wolverine. In 2003, I saw a live action & in-game video for one of the other combat units in our MW league and my interest in movie making began. It wasn't until 2008, when I bought 'The Movies' that I heard the term 'Machinima' . So there you have it, every major event in my life and what brought me to TMU. Now lets make some damn movies!!!!

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