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About me: About yay big in my bare feet (not bear feet; that would just be wrong...); brown hair, blue eyes.... errrr, is this thing on (tap, tap)... Is this really of any interest, let's be honest? Most people don't even write in this bit, anyway... or do they? I don't know... I tend not to look this far down the page anyway... unless I'm being realllllly nosey and simply do have to know the inside leg or chest measurement of someone... and how many of us actually do, anyway? I mean, do YOU know what your significant other's inside leg measurement is? Really? I have trouble remembering my own name some mornings, let alone my wife's dress size... mind you, two cups of coffee later and I'm raring to go... I'm not good at mornings... except at weekends, and even then it's a bit touch and go, to be honest... Sorry, I seem to have wandered off the point, there somewhat. Err, where was I? Oh yes... married to a delightful woman, 1 daughter of 17, 1 cat, a large mainly "specialist interest" DVD collection (not, it's not porn, you smutty devil...).. what else? Oh go on then if you REALLY want a physical description.... 6 feet (ish) tall, brown hair, blue eyes... rippling abs, thighs of iron and a butt you could break rocks on.... and then I woke up... it's not true... well, the bit about the 6 foot, brown hair and blue eyes bit is, but the rest I made up... oh well, it's my description... I can dream, can't I? Are we done? Thanks..... now go watch some movies and stop wasting your time reading this drivel :) ** UPDATE October 2020 ** - as most of my work won't display on the movie site any more and the site is generally on it's last legs, I now have most of my stuff on Youtube ( and Vimeo (