Deadpool - Dimension X Teaser Poster

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Description: Coming soon from Joester Films after numerous rewrites Deadpool: Dimension X Deadpool, the unapologetic Merc with a Mouth, joins his ally, Cable, to stop Doctor Doom from bringing in the Skrull army through a portal of his design. In the middle of the fight, the portal goes out of control and sucks Deadpool in. Deadpool finds himself in another dimension within a place called Future City. He comes across a superhero team known as Team X as well as a super-strength mercenary named Redstrike. As Deadpool copes with his predicament, he faces off with the nefarious Doctor Schmidt with the help of Redstrike and Team X. Action, romance, and constant sex jokes galore run rampant in this loving hate letter to Batman fan films.
Categories: Action Comedy Romance